The Battle with 2 adults and 1 teenager (cockroaches)

I’ve ranted this to a lot of people already about the fulfilling event that happened yesterday. It was a battle with the things I fear the most… Hold on, maybe ghosts come before them, my most feared things should be horror things, followed by cockroaches.

I’ve came a long way with cockroaches, and apparently now that I looked back at this blog history, I’ve blogged a few times about them before:

“A Living Nightmare” tops all the other encounters I had with cockroaches. Followed by an incident which happened in the office sometime 1 year back, I had a cockroach crawled onto my toes. Actually I can still recall the sensation, you will feel like there’s a few legs tickling on your skin, it’s like a rapid movements of a few legs, and the area it covered is quite big, so I haven’t felt anything like this with any other creature yet, so it’s … very identifiable when you just feel it with your skin.

The truth is no matter which circumstances with the goddamn-thing cockroach on my arm or on my leg, I have never screamed. Yeah, I’m pretty proud of it, I’m really a no-scream person, I jumped a little and my body jerked, or I’ll have sudden movements, but I usually don’t scream. I have a theory though, I think it’s because of my lower-frequency voice, the sound just don’t come out of me when anything happens, can you imagine a low-frequency scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh~~~~” (in bass mode).

I jumped when there’s suddenly something jumping towards the screen.

I jumped when there’s sudden noises.

Hell, I’ll even jump when my brother sneezes, but in my defense, when he sneezes, I felt like the decibel in the room rose from a 30 to a 170. So yeah, it’s really loud.

I think a card pyramid will collapse on its own with his sudden sneezes.

Back to the main point. I have this floor chair at home:


So… These few days my parents went to Hong Kong, so they will only be back at home tomorrow late afternoon, and I had some air-con time to myself. So I pulled this thingy to my brother’s room on Tuesday late evening so I can sit on the floor and watch some show on my computer or read my comics when listening to music.

The horror was when I came into the room the next day and then I saw that filthy creature cockroach behind the chair. I’d like to think that it died on its own and not because I smashed it to death with my butt, thank you very much. The main point is that, it was upside down, though the legs are still moving. I moved the chair back to its original place in the living room, and went straight to the kitchen to get Baygon.

Funny story. We have like 3 Baygons at home. But apparently 2 are empty and I don’t know why none of us bothered to throw it away (neither did I), so I went to get 1 and came back.

Took off the can’s cap.



Nothing came out.

I threw the can into the rubbish chute and banged the chute shut out of anger and took the second can.

Tried pressing on it, nothing came out.

Got fed up and throw it into the rubbish chute and finally took out the last Baygon can, and it finally worked.

I rushed back to the room and spray the Baygon on the cockroach for about 5 seconds. I then went to put back the Baygon and went back to the room to sit down and continued watching my shows. Every other minute, I will turn back to look at the cockroach to see if it’s still moving. I felt like I was playing those children game, where you count to a certain number and look back, and everybody will freeze so that they won’t get caught.

I complained to Lynnette, who is as calm as usual and cannot understand the panic I’m totally feeling at the moment, and at the same time frantically complained to Olivia, who then ask me what am I going to do next. Then I was telling both of them that the legs are still moving to which Lynnette answered me, “Tmi” – too much information. Feeling alone and seriously disgusted, I used about 30 minutes to muster all my courage before getting the broom and the dustpan.

I nudged the broom against the cockroach to see if it’s still alive. Because if I swept it into the dustpan, and it starts moving, I WILL go crazy.

And when the broom touched the cockroach, all the hairs on my right hand stood up. I took a deep breath, or probably a few more deep breaths and swept it into the dustpan. With that, I walked really quick to the kitchen (almost running) and threw that thing into the rubbish chute and kicked it close.

Clearing the Baygon trails here was not hard. So I cleaned the floor soon after.

If my life were a game of World of Warcraft, there will be an achievement popping out saying:

50 – Cleared a cockroach

20 – Cleared the baygon trail

That was not the end of the ordeal. The worst is to come in 6 hours time when I went into the kitchen and I saw another cockroach on the stove, somewhere near the controls. Then I spotted a dead teenager one behind the dish stand, but the one on the stove has the highest priority, so I focused on that then. Actually at that moment, I was thinking of leaving the teenager cockroach there since it’s more of in a place that I generally won’t see, I was prepared to tell my parents on Friday when they come back that there’s a dead cockroach there.

Going back to the live one, I took out the Baygon already and sprayed a little on it, mainly because I’m not sure if it’s still alive or not, it’s just sitting there not moving.

And then it moved when I start spraying Baygon on it. It moved a little and drop on the floor with a “thud” sound. Because this is a live one, I sprayed on it for a good 8-9 seconds to make sure that it’s really dead. It moved around in circles and started crawling in my direction, but quite slowly, and then it found a good spot / or it’s already about to die and stayed in a corner.

I then proceed to bath.

All the while opening my eyes and staring at the little space under the door.

I refused to close my eyes.

I closed a little when the shampoo got into my eyes, I wiped it off and force my eyes to open with sheer willpower.

When I got out of the showers, the cockroach is there, but the horrifying thing is that it’s not in an upside-down state. Afraid that it’s still not dead, I took out the Baygon again and sprayed a little on it to see if it will budge.

Nope, not moving. And it’s still not in a upside-down state.

I left the kitchen lights on and rushed back to my room. I wanted to ask Oi Oi for her many years of expertise on cockroaches. She’s the only one I know who have actually smacked cockroaches with just magazine before, so I wanted to ask her if she thinks the cockroach is dead.

I messaged her in the group conversation. No one replied, Lynnette didn’t reply either.

I called Oi Oi on her mobile. No response.

I messaged Eileen earlier on but there was no response from her all day, so I didn’t send a second response.

I messaged Olivia, but she didn’t respond yet.

And then I felt abandoned by the world.

I tried to google “is a cockroach dead if it’s not upside down”.

And I googled “dead cockroach not upside down”.

And then I googled “how to know if a cockroach is dead if it’s not upside down”.

And a few more other phrases with similar meaning.

All the results came out with something like “Why do cockroaches flip over when they die?”.

I couldn’t find the answers I needed.

I clicked back to FaceBook and stared at the group conversation anxiously, waiting for some response from the other end.

Olivia responded. She told me to go to sleep and close the door and check it out tomorrow instead. I felt that it was a good idea, but I cannot sleep peacefully knowing that there’s a cockroach that could be alive in the kitchen, and some people say Baygon sometimes only knock them out.

Indeed desperation drives people to do the almost-impossible. I went to take out the broom and dustpan again and nudged the broom against the cockroach again. This was scarier than the afternoon one, I felt like the right side of my body is numb when I do that. And nope, I’m not suffering from a stroke.

It didn’t move. But it’s still not in the upside-down state.

Taking another 2-3 deep breaths or sighs, I sweep that thing into the dustpan, and I screamed a little (yeah, apparently I can scream.), not the very loud, I-saw-a-sadako kind, but a softer kind, more like a whimper. Because I saw grey bubbles left behind the trail that it was swept, I even took a picture so you all can feel the horror I was in.


It’s not very clear though, but it’s ultra horrifying for me.

Threw the cockroach in the rubbish chute and kick it close again. Then I went back into the room and tried motivating myself to clear the Baygon trail. It took 40 minutes, or around there.

I ended up taking 2 pieces of wet tissues, 6-7 pieces of normal tissues, stack them together and started wiping. After finishing wiping up the trails. I felt like.. Things have already come down to this, I might as well just clear the one behind the wash stand.

So I cleared it. With a broom and the dustpan. I couldn’t do it with my hand even with 20 layers of tissue.

Threw in the rubbish chute, kicked it close again.

I’ve been through so much. I’ve practically leveled up 5 times yesterday with these.


“The scary thing is that it didn’t flip, I’m not sure if it’s dead or not!”

“So. did you just leave it there?”

“Nope, I went back to take Baygon and sprayed some more on it, I want to make sure that it’s really dead.”



4 thoughts on “The Battle with 2 adults and 1 teenager (cockroaches)

    1. hmmmmm youre not the first reader tho.. but yeah youre the first commenter so ill give that to you LOL.

      anyways, not possible. I just went to the fairprice earlier today and bought a new can. and it says “Maximum killing action”
      i was looking around for those cans that speciazlied in cockroaches only, but seems like all is just general insects kind.

        1. LOL I dun think that day will ever come. I can never ever achieve That. I will rather run to the other room LOL

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