Gardens by the Bay with LEOs

I’ve finally tried to be a tourist in my own country by going to a famous (not sure is it really famous, I’m going to say yes because I’m trying to be a positive person) tourism spot – Gardens by the Bay.

The admission fee is 20 bucks for Singaporeans and PR. I’m not sure if it’s considered expensive, because I’m considering the full blast air con they offered in both the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. We had to walk a sunny trail from Bayfront MRT to the Gardens, I was sweating so much I already felt like putting my tongue out of my mouth to relieve the heat in my body. I felt like a stick of butter melting while walking.

So when we finally reached the dome, I don’t really think about the 20 bucks anymore. The air con was so nice, I didn’t even care about the crowds of people that day, which is a big deal for me since I hate people crowds so much.


Okay, yea, it’s not big-bang-concert-full kind of crowd. There is enough space for you to walk freely, so it was okay. You could have break dance on the floor or start doing a swan lake ballet, there is enough space for those kind of things.

And we spent a lot of time in Flower Dome, compared to Cloud Forest which we pretty much just walked through the whole thing and didn’t take many pictures. My theory is that there are a lot more flowers to take in Flower Dome than Cloud Forest, so when we were inside the Forest thing, there are only very little flowers in comparison and thus I really didn’t take any pictures.

Our 3-person group mainly consists of:
– 1 photo director
– 2 super models

Oi Oi was mainly trying to take artistic pictures, while the other 2 of us are just snapping pictures everywhere and giggling around. The best part was when the director requested me to do something like this:

And this, I was staring at a large aloe vera / big cactus thingy.

#1 – The controversial picture where people kept asking me if I’ve slimmed down. The sad thing however was that, this picture is more like pose + angle thing, I didn’t slim down that much. And by the way, I was staring into blankness in this picture because I was wearing Lynnette’s sunglasses, and I was pretty much seeing low-definition images, and pixels mainly.

#2 – And this, I was staring at a large aloe vera / big cactus thingy.

#3 – I was staring at a piece of leaf dangling from a tree / fern nearby. There’s one where my head is lodged perfectly in the mouth of the lion, but Lynnette is inside doing this stupid thing with me and she will hit me if I post it. By the way, this is the most embarrassing one especially when there might be people walking past and see this crazy dudette.

#4 – Staring off into the distant sky.

Halfway through all of these I’m suddenly thinking why is super model #2 – Lynnette not doing all these artistic poses.

Anyways, life move on. So let’s move on and see the other flowers. I think if one day we’re going museum, me and Lynnette will be the one fooling around while Oi Oi will try her very best to look very serious, okay, maybe she is, and that makes me feel like dragging her down. LOL. (Yes, I’m that kind of 死小孩)

The moment when we enter the Flower Dome, and immediately saw this:


Which totally looks like those brown scrub thing you used to wash stains off woks or if you use it to clean the sink area. I’ve took a picture of those in Japan so you can understand what I’m saying:


And then Lynnette pointed a potted plant to me that looked like… Well, you will know what it looked like when you saw the picture:


If I see an art piece that looked like this shape, I really don’t think, I can not laugh at the sight of this. Maybe Oi Oi can write a literature essay for this kind of.. shape of thing. Since she did so for a Exorcism of Emily Rose-ish kind of picture before, which for the hell of me unable to find that article now. I wonder if I still remember where’s the 3D S** and Zen post is at which year.

I like this picture, kinda looked like I’ve actually turned off the hue color for all the other parts except for the flower.

And I like this dragon statute made of wood the most, I’m using the director’s picture since hers is taken the nicest yos:


On a closer look:

Pretty cool, huh?

I don’t know why but when I look at this photo and I wanna laugh:


All in all, it was a fun day. And it’s the first time I’ve seen Oi Oi eat that much and it’s fascinating.

20150712_153959P_20150712_161219 P_20150712_153924



4 thoughts on “Gardens by the Bay with LEOs

    1. quite funny ma not meh LOL you look at yourself in the pic!

      “im totally bring forced to take this picture, im sian but what to do eugenia ask me to stand here so she can take this”

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