Birthday List

Realised that I’ve blogged this up last year like nearly 2 weeks earlier. But anyways, I’ve kind of redeemed presents from you guys as and when already, haha. So anyways, as a recap, or as just a blog update, I’m going to post the wanted list here, it’s not a long one, cuz I really can’t think of anything else I need / want that I haven’t got it myself yet:

– Booked by Oi Oi And Lynnette. 1 big + 1 small, I’m really looking forward to this since it’s like the first time I finally have the bigger rabbit.

IMG-20150627-WA0001 IMG-20150627-WA0002

One cherry blossom cushion on the bottom of the right picture and the white with flower patterns rabbit in the middle in the first picture incoming from Olivia.

And the stupid thing was that I didn’t ask to get the cushion for the white with flowers. So yup, this is like the only thing on my wish list which is not taken:



*Updated* booked by PC already, heh.

Moving on, and this scheduler is booked by Eileen:

That’s it that’s it. Nothing much, all my cravings are on Craftholic now haha.


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