Inside Out



Woo hoo! There it issssss!

The first movie Pixar’s made since 2 years back (Monsters University)! And it is goooood!

I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie, I’ve seen the trailer before when I was watching a movie few months back and didn’t quite understand what was going on, nor remember anything about the trailer actually. Taking into consideration that Pixar haven’t been coming up with good movies, I’ve assumed that the good writers had probably switched company and went to DreamWorks.

And my oh my, Inside Out is actually quite interesting. It shows the main emotions that are actually running a person’s mind, and how our actions are affected by emotions, and how all these emotions form a part of our personality. The best part is when we are led to take a glimpse into the brains of other people and showed their internal emotions working.

I’m thinking that the anger emotion character would probably be the biggest in my brain.

Anyways, I’m proud of myself for not really tearing up at the end of the movie where there is usually a cliche touching part that tricks the tears out of you. I’ve heard a lot of sniffling sounds during that moment, so I was like thinking, “Hey, good job me, for not tearing up.”

Recommend that you all watch this show, and please Pixar, continue to hold your standards.








PS: Why is there a Toy Story 4???????? Isn’t it supposed to be done????? I mean,  that’s the reason why I felt that it won over so many animation movies like the Shrek, Ice Age, Madagascar that never ever seemed to end. And now Pixar is milking their movies too. Gosh.


3 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. I didn’t notice people sniffling at all lol.
    Abit touching la I almost cried but I was more anxious to go toilet that time.

    1. got, at the ending part, when she finally got back her memories then a relapse that part, suddenly hear people sniffling liao, previously dun have at all. got a bit of water welled up at my eyes la, but not a lot. hahah.

  2. yeah i blame the appearance of toy story 4 on pixar having been bought over by disney.

    still, the one year hiatus plus inside out proves that pixar still has enough creative autonomy left to make good movies.

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