I’m Back

After more than a year of inactivity.

I was actually trying to look for another block hosting site to move all my stuffs to there, I even thought of moving to blogspot instead, at least it allows for me to do some code customization if I want to (although I think I’ll be extremely lazy to, but I’d prefer to keep that option open), but after using an extremely long time waiting for the blogspot migration tool to work (I kept my computer up a few days to import the stuffs), I can’t even tell if there was any progress. There wasn’t any % shown or some progress bar, see, this is the reason why we study user interfaces man, to let people know what’s going on, whether if something is moving.

I’ve kept my computer up and running that importing for a full 1 week, and nothing happened, like even after cancelling, not even one post was imported. After that few weeks of trying (consecutive tries of importing), and a failure to find any blog hosting sites that seem to be able to do WordPress importing, I kinda just let my blog rot away.

Anyways, a few years of crap I’ve written are all stored here, and I couldn’t quite bear to burn all these stuffs away, I might as well just pick up the pen (in this case, a keyboard) and continue writing stuffs here.

I am very curious as to who will actually chance upon this.

I’m back, people.


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