McDonald’s Nasi Lemak burger

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There’s a hype of this new Nasi Lemak flavoured burger in Singapore this recent weeks.

I had this for my lunch today out of curiosity, and I was genuinely disappointed. I thought that it would be delicious, considering usually McDonald’s food are usually quite nice, considering it’s fast food and things are deep fried, kinda expects everything from there to be quite standard-delicious for me since I love deep fried stuffs.

Okay, to be fair though, nothing’s wrong with the chicken filet or the piece of egg (most people who know me knows that I like my stuffs to be 100% cooked, I had to double check that the egg that comes with this burger is 100% cooked. And when I say 100%, it means that when you take a bite off the yolk, the yolk are is supposed to be light yellowish color; it’s only 90% cooked if there’s dark yellow spots instead). The thing is: what’s up with the sauce?? Hell, the whole thing would taste better if they used the samba chili from Old Chang Kee. The sauce taste really weird, it tasted like their barbecue sauce with a little spice in it.

How does this whole thing even tasted like nasi lemak?? Aside from having some of the ingredients which made up of nasi lemak (chicken, egg, some-sort-of-chili-sauce-but-more-like-bbq-sauce, cucumber-alternative:pickles. Lack of anchovies, that’s my favorite), it really doesn’t taste like nasi lemak.

I couldn’t finish it in the end, after taking the first bite, I regretted not buying double fish burger instead. Midway I added the garlic chili to the burger hoping that it would cover the bbq taste but yup of course didn’t help. I had to take out the chicken, egg and pickles out to eat because I really couldn’t stand the ‘nasi lemak sauce’ anymore.

I’m not sure man, is it just me?
Can you guys go try it and let me know what you think hahahaha.


I have no life

I wish I can blog about something more interesting, or even shit talk about a shitty movie that I’ve watched recently. But, I’ve just been so busy at work that the most interesting thing that I’m doing recently is watching Spongebob Squarepants.

Have been totally exhausted at work. It’s kind of like my engine has been turned to turbo mode which spans for like a period of a few months, I think that engine is slowly going into a “FXXT IT” mode, running slower and slower and I think I just want to have a short holiday in my room.

“Feels like an overly abused hamster being made to run the wheel everyday”

“Then you stuff food in your mouth lor”

On the other hand, have been reading actively on the news in America recently. America is like comedy fodder for so many people right now. Few tens of years down the road, I think we’ll have a textbook example of why you don’t just anyhow vote for people.

Under The Bed 2

I’ve been watching quite a number of bad horror movies lately (cuz we are subscribed to the Thrill channel on cable tv, a channel which plays horror movies or dramas all the time), and I thought maybe I can write them down somewhere so that in future if any of you sees it, you all can just proceed on to do anything else but watch them.

There’s actually quite a number of movies from China with titles that are very literal, and the below is one of them. There’s more to come as I’ll blog about them in time to come.

I believe most of the budget from this movie goes into making the poster, or at least I hope so, cuz if not I don’t know where did the money went. At least the poster can compensate for the total lack of …anything.

*This review is definitely going to contain spoilers. The point is to dissuade anybody from watching it, cuz I ended up very pissed off after watching it and thus, this.


I realised there seems to be a pattern in the kind of horror movies China produced. There’s going to be a boobs person who’s always wearing low cut to show the boobs and a few other random people whose faces I can’t seem to recall, to be fair, I don’t remember the face of the boobs person as well. I guess, due to the great amount of silence that supposedly should lead to a scary moment, but ended up being repeated boring anti-climatic scenes, the boobs served to be a great consolation to some of the audiences. It’s something to distract people from focusing on how shitty the movie is, and somehow acts as a light lamp by the bedside to prevent you from sleeping, if you are bothered by it.

For people like me, I had my handphone.

Of course people would ask me, if it sucks so bad, why did you bother watching it to the end? To that, I’d say it’s a good question. Actually before halfway into the movie, I’ve already wanted to go back to my room and do anything else but watch this shit, but my mum retreated earlier than me and told me to tell her the storyline the next day. I was reluctant but weirdly held a strangely positive attitude that day, so I continued watching it. Now I know I shall probably spend that positivity somewhere else in future.

As already mentioned by Lynnette that there are no ghosts in horror movies made from China. I think I kind of heard that somewhere else previously as well, but probably just kind of thought I misheard until I’ve watched a few and again from Lynnette that I realised there aren’t. Not sure why don’t they just take out the entire genre, cuz if this is the case, doesn’t that just invalidate all the promotions that were done for the movie? Like if it’s being marketed as a horror movie, regardless of how well done the posters are, people already know that there’s not gonna be any ghosts in the movie. They might as well just make a poster with just the title on it, save the money.

I don’t even recall having seen a scene with the above poster in the entire movie. In fact, the whole storyline doesn’t seem to have anything to do with anything under the bed.

This whole movie takes place in a seemingly abandoned building, I think they should have just came to Changi Hospital to film the whole thing instead, it might be more interesting. That seemingly abandoned building is actually a dormitory for this bunch of people who are training to be doctors / nurses / whatever. Until now I’m still quite not sure if it’s cuz of the lack of details or my lack of interest in the show, I don’t understand how come there’s only 6 people staying in a frigging dormitory.

The ENTIRE building with only 6 people to stay in it. There’s newspapers, random cloth lying around on the floor in the corridor, and the windows at the corridors are not like glass panels, but more like those gaps located nearer to the top of the walls that are more commonly used in the toilets you see in your office toilets. With that, they have white curtains draped over the gaps, and since they couldn’t even afford a few rubber bands to tie the curtains up, everything in the corridor was left flying around. Tell me that place isn’t haunted. On what planet does that look like a dormitory, it’s like an exorcism waiting to take place and a girl is going to bent over backward and came running to the camera. Whats weirder is this building is built like in the middle of some forest. I don’t even recall seeing the hospital at all, like where were they supposed to study.

All I could remember from the entire movie was those newspaper and cloth lying around, the boobs, people running around frantically. Okay, maybe it’s my lack of interest.

Anyways, point is, mannequins started appearing randomly. There’s a lot of sudden suspense music, which usually leads to false alarm, then the next thing you know, somebody is missing (this kind of scene kept repeating). The closest thing that happens that’s related to a bed is that 2 mannequins appeared on a bed being tied together, back to back, with a stake pierced through the heart or something. Okay, maybe a knife, a stake is like used to kill a vampire or demon or a real monster. Actually I can’t remember what state the mannequins were in, honestly if anybody were to  ask me to guess a movie with a drawing of mannequins being tied together on a bed, I would have guessed 50 Shades of Grey. It’s more like a bondage / SM thing to me than a horror thing to me.

So everytime a person or 2 went missing from the 6 people, everybody would run around, trying to look for the missing people. Then there’d be a weird display of friendship between whoever’s left, like seriously people, can you all just get a grip. So after a while, one of the guys started to realise that if any 2 people were to show a deep friendship between them, they are likely the next targets to go missing – lamest deduction ever. This deduction is so lame I can’t even. Just imagine me rolling my eyes constantly as I’m trying to recall the scenes.

If I were in the movie, that’d be the last thing ever on my list to be the reason as to why people went missing. C’mon man, the building is in the middle of the forest, surely a tiger appearing randomly would pose a greater possibility. Hell, I’ll take it if a chicken came out to peck me and the bird flu kind of spread to me in that way and I died. This guy should probably watch more Kindaichi.

So, anyways, as the disaster of a movie continued, more people went missing and eventually ended up with I don’t even remember how many people. Maybe 1 or 2 or 3. Turns out there was a random psycho who looked like a total hobo – long caveman hair and wearing white gown – staying in this dormitory with them, and he was randomly kidnapping people who are seemingly good friends – well, turned out the guy’s guess previously was right, can you believe it? I can’t. If this is the kind of reason that I’m dying for, there IS going to be a horror movie made from me haunting this crazy hobo.

Anyways, the motivation behind that weird hobo’s action was that, in the past, he was a successful student who very nearly went on to become a star doctor but ended up betrayed by his friend who stole his research or something and took off. Unable to accept the betrayed, he turned psycho and started doing weird research to sew people together, reason being that a friend couldn’t betray you if he or she is sewed behind you. Sure, at that moment, the friend’s top priority will probably to stab him from the back instead of betraying from the back. Like who will still remember anything like betraying anybody else when you’re being sewed to a psycho’s back.

Yea, so basically that’s it. Turns out one of the guys which I have thought died or went MIA earlier on came back and managed to kill the psychotic hobo.

Yea whatever, thus marks the end of the entire bullshit. By the way, I think the ghost from the above poster probably just came to part time for the poster. Didn’t see it anywhere in the movie, and the psychotic hobo looked nothing like it.

I’m Back

After more than a year of inactivity.

I was actually trying to look for another block hosting site to move all my stuffs to there, I even thought of moving to blogspot instead, at least it allows for me to do some code customization if I want to (although I think I’ll be extremely lazy to, but I’d prefer to keep that option open), but after using an extremely long time waiting for the blogspot migration tool to work (I kept my computer up a few days to import the stuffs), I can’t even tell if there was any progress. There wasn’t any % shown or some progress bar, see, this is the reason why we study user interfaces man, to let people know what’s going on, whether if something is moving.

I’ve kept my computer up and running that importing for a full 1 week, and nothing happened, like even after cancelling, not even one post was imported. After that few weeks of trying (consecutive tries of importing), and a failure to find any blog hosting sites that seem to be able to do WordPress importing, I kinda just let my blog rot away.

Anyways, a few years of crap I’ve written are all stored here, and I couldn’t quite bear to burn all these stuffs away, I might as well just pick up the pen (in this case, a keyboard) and continue writing stuffs here.

I am very curious as to who will actually chance upon this.

I’m back, people.

Inside Out



Woo hoo! There it issssss!

The first movie Pixar’s made since 2 years back (Monsters University)! And it is goooood!

I wasn’t really expecting much from this movie, I’ve seen the trailer before when I was watching a movie few months back and didn’t quite understand what was going on, nor remember anything about the trailer actually. Taking into consideration that Pixar haven’t been coming up with good movies, I’ve assumed that the good writers had probably switched company and went to DreamWorks.

And my oh my, Inside Out is actually quite interesting. It shows the main emotions that are actually running a person’s mind, and how our actions are affected by emotions, and how all these emotions form a part of our personality. The best part is when we are led to take a glimpse into the brains of other people and showed their internal emotions working.

I’m thinking that the anger emotion character would probably be the biggest in my brain.

Anyways, I’m proud of myself for not really tearing up at the end of the movie where there is usually a cliche touching part that tricks the tears out of you. I’ve heard a lot of sniffling sounds during that moment, so I was like thinking, “Hey, good job me, for not tearing up.”

Recommend that you all watch this show, and please Pixar, continue to hold your standards.








PS: Why is there a Toy Story 4???????? Isn’t it supposed to be done????? I mean,  that’s the reason why I felt that it won over so many animation movies like the Shrek, Ice Age, Madagascar that never ever seemed to end. And now Pixar is milking their movies too. Gosh.