Pokemon Black – Ds Lite

I’m trying so hard  to fulfil my duty of a malnutritioned chicken trying to lay an egg (haha~). I deserve an award or reward for this man~

I’ve been playing the newest (or not) Pokemon Black version on my DS Lite, it’s been so long since I’m so interested in Pokemon games, actually, I was ONLY interested in the first 151 Pokemons, where Ash traveled with Pikachu all over the region. So no matter which version it is, I’ve only played the Yellow, Red and Blue version (it’s all the same 151 pokemons). I tried Silver, Gold, soulSilver, and don’t know what gold, and whatever other versions there are, but it didn’t interest me much, and I pretty much stopped playing after about 5 minutes. Anyway, cuz my friend told me that the White / Black version is fun, and I’m pretty free, that’s why I tried playing it.

At the start like any other pokemon games before, there is 3 pokemons for you to choose, namely of the Fire attribute, Leaf Attribute, and Water attribute.

I was torn between choosing the Leaf or the Fire one, cuz both is so cuteeeeeeeeeee (Yes, I’m such a shallow person, I did briefly thought about choosing the Water one, briefly). I chose the piglet, which I came to regret now because the Leaf one became like this

SEE!! It’s so cool!!! Looked like a combination of Dragonair and the Leaf pokemon.

 +  = 

I’m so good at equations.

Anyway, I should have thought it through before choosing the piglet as my pokemon, because when you stopped and think about it, at most a piglet can evolve to become a big wild boar. The moment I let my pig evolved, I regretted not choosing the above.

The cuteness is totally not there anymore, ayz. When you look at the final evolution, you will totally understand my pain of not looking at the whole pokemon list before I started the game.

This guys over here, totally looked like the guard guarding the entrance to level 18th of Hell, or at least it looked like some Fire God in the Chinese Celestial World.

Oh oh, by the way, this was not the only pokemon that the shallow me has been fooled by the cuteness of its first form. Take a look at this~

See, it look so cute, so innocent, like a random puppy found off the street (of the game I meant). And the moment it evolved, it looks like it aged at least 40 years.

This is the time I really considered throwing this pokemon into the computer and never use it ever again. However, due to what happened to my little piglet, I didn’t put it back into the computer cuz it’s the starter pokemon and I needed a Fire one, so I just kind of shrugged it off and continued on. I thought this is the final form of the grandpa dog, cuz it doesn’t look like it can get any older, and I didn’t thought that I would be so lucky that any random pokemon I sweep off the street could actually evolve 3 times, and then I realized I’m wrong. It totally evolved into a Celestial Dog.

So now I have 2 Celestial entities in my pokemon gang.

When I have played to this stage, it doesn’t really matter to me how my pokemon looks like anymore. I started off with the six and ended off with the six.

It’s according to the order of how early I got them. Oh, I removed the zebra from the last match with the biggest villain of the game though, not my fault cuz it’s the heavy dot of the whole game to have a match between these 2 important pokemons.

I hold the white one, and the black belongs to the enemy (I can’t choose it, though I think the white one looks better anyway hahahaha).

See how pretty these 2 legendary pokemon is~~~

Does this tempt you guys to play it~~~ So frigging cool!!!!!

Anyway, after I have finished this whole game, there’s like 3 minutes of credits roll, and then it went back to the start screen, I almost thought that is a game over for everything (but I know there are a lot of places I haven’t went yet), until I saw a saved game and continued. I’m gonna go continue playing later~~

Now, let’s see the cuter pokemons…



These pokemons are the kind that when you are opposing them as enemies, will prolong the battles in whatever way they can, and you wish you can just throw an atomic bomb on them. But if you have them on your team, you will have them wiped out before you are aware of anything happening.

So, the whole conclusion of this game is that don’t look at the appearances of the pokemons because the cutest ones are the easiest ones to get thrashed~~